Running with Lucie Wicker
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Boston-based fitness lifestyle and activewear photographer, Lucie Wicker, talks to us about running and what she's working on this summer. Below are photos from her "Why I Run" photo series, portraits of people who ran the 2014 Boston Marathon. 

lucie wicker photography

Tell us a about yourself and how you started running.

I started running in high school when I joined the track team in ninth grade. I started as a sprinter and wound up in middle distance. I ran off and on in the years following high school before starting up again more seriously in my late twenties. I started with the occasional 5k and then moved up to 10ks. This year I'm doing my first triathlon and the Falmouth Road Race which is a 7 miler.

lucie wicker photography

What tips you have for a new runner?

It's helpful to have a goal - a mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, etc - and a plan. It's easy to get discouraged or bored with running if you don't have something you're working towards. There are a lot of plans you can find online for free or ones you can pay for and they will give you different running workouts throughout the weeks leading up to your event.

lucie wicker photography

What do you do for exercise in the humid New England summer? How about the 8ft of snow last winter?

I'm not a very intrepid winter runner although I'll go out if it's safe and the sidewalks are shoveled. The hardcore runners I know have had to learn to love treadmills. As for the summer, if you can run in the pre-dawn hours or in the late evening, it's not so bad temperature-wise . If that's not an option, I'd suggest biking and of course swimming! When I was training for my tri, I rediscovered these forms of exercise I hadn't done regularly since I was a kid and I now I love them! Remember, new runners - cross training is important (crucial!) to build strength and avoid injury. And don't forget yoga - deep stretching and strength building goes hand-in-hand with running.


What's new with your photography?

I'm looking forward to some test shoots planned for this summer, getting outside and creating new work for my portfolio and prospective clients. I also have an event at the end of July we're calling a summer pop-up photo shoot at the Arnold Arboretum where people sign up for mini photo sessions in a gorgeous setting (details on our website!). Runners welcome :)

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