Runners World Half Marathoner Map

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  • Runners World Half Marathoner Map

Runners World Half Marathoner Map

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The perfect gift for a Runners World Half Marathoner. Personalize this Runners World Half Marathoner Map with your marathon runner's name, bib number, time and the Marathon's date. 

Get a runner's time here.

Print orders are archival, unframed pigment print on matte paper. 
Download orders are emailed to you directly (within one business day!) as .jpg files; perfect for printing at home or with your favorite, local printer.

Please note our maps are about the runner's experience, we have no affiliation with this race.

  • Marathoner Map FAQ
    Can the print be made for a past year? Yes!

    I ran the half-marathon, can I get a print? Of course! We can change the name to half-marathon, 5K etc... whichever you want. Please note this in the Marathon Date field

    Can you put multiple years/times on the print?  
    Sure. Because of the amount of info we omit the bib numbers and put the years and times next to each other in the top right corner. Please write the years with their times in the time box.

    We would like to make these for our team. Can you add our logo in?
    Yes, just email your vector file (preferable) or hi-res jpg to

    Can I preorder for next year?
    Yes, just enter the runner's name and bib number. When the results are in we will get the time and make the print.