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What to do with ALL those Bibs: R-U-N Wall Hanging

What to do with ALL those Bibs:  R-U-N Wall Hanging
As any running aficionado knows, race bibs can really pile up. You don't want to throw them away - each one is a memory of a race and an accomplishment. But what do you do with all those bibs? Here is an affordable and fun way to display your bibs by Kerri / @kerri_hitsthepavement. WHAT YOU...

How to track your miles… for Free!

I use a Fitbit to track my daily steps / exercise ect… and technology is great, but I will always be a paper lover at heart. (It’s why I use a Passion Planner!) So I’ve been using a paper tracker to keep track of my runs. The pace, mileage, weather,...

How to Create a Runner’s Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is the perfect way to show off your race memorabilia and add a touch of art to your home. Your memories and milestones should be celebrated and easy for all to see! Designing and mounting a gallery wall isn’t as intimidating as it looks – if this math-hater can do it, so can you! Check … Continue reading "How to Create a Runner’s Gallery Wall"