Running with 'A Running Chick' Theresa Kavouras
'A Running Chick' Theresa Kavouras

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what is your favorite neon color?

My name is Theresa and I'm a wife, mother, and brand new grandmother to one beautiful baby girl born in July. I'm a former meteorologist, turned housewife and mom, but I love this second career almost as much as my first. I love to run, and I love fitness in general. In recent years, while researching ways in which I could improve my running, I stumbled upon a "no sugar" lifestyle. It wasn't easy at first, but once you achieve it, it is life altering. I have never felt better. Being off gluten, carbs, and sugar has changed me. Now, I am taking that knowledge, incorporating it with my fitness and running, and blogging about it over at Neon is my color because I love to run the country roads near my home. Being seen is crucial. I love all shades of neon, but right now I'm drawn to the bright greens.

'A Running Chick' Theresa Kavouras

What is your favorite running gear?

I have something called 'The Fittie' which has made running with my iPhone so much less complicated. I still run with my iPhone 5S, since it is more petite than the iPhone6. The Fittie allows easy access to my phone at all times. It is kind of like a vest that wraps around your chest over one shoulder. Your phone stashes in the chest pocket. Plus, there is a back pocket for keys, tissues, etc. It beats strapping your phone to your arm or in a waistband that bounces and chafes!

'A Running Chick' Theresa Kavouras

What tips do you have for a runner who is trying a new workout diet?

Any runner would be wise to change things up once in a while, especially if things begin to stagnate in so far as your training goes. The best time to start anything is after something ends. So, if there is a big event in your future, continue what you are doing until the event. Then, take some time to recover. After that, get started with that new workout or diet. Give either one at least 4-6 weeks to shake itself out before quitting or trying something different. It takes that long for habits to form and for changes to be seen.

'A Running Chick' Theresa Kavouras

Where is your favorite place to run?

I love to run the roads. Always have. There is something about looking ahead, far ahead, and imagining how you will feel once you get there. It is so easy to set goals that way as well. As for a location, whenever I visit my in-laws in central Kansas, I cannot wait to lace up! The roads are soft with gentle hills... and they go for miles, in 1-mile squares so you can't get lost. I once ran for 8 miles straight and never ran into another soul, except for a few llamas.

'A Running Chick' Theresa Kavouras

What is your newest favorite recipe?

I'm experimenting with low carb/high fat recipes all the time. Although I wouldn't call it a "recipe", I'd say it is a rediscovered food. Brussel sprouts! I fry up a half pound of the best nitrate free bacon, chopped into 1/4 inch pieces, add 4 cups of shaved Brussel sprouts, and some of Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning with salt and pepper. It is amazing! I can eat it for days!

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