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I’m thrilled to announce our first collection of Marathon Maps for a charity team!

We’ve created a collection of Marathon Maps for runners who race in support of the charity Every Mother Counts (EMC). Each map includes the EMC logo and 5% from the sales of the collection will be donated to Every Mother Counts to fund their grants portfolio which brings essential maternal healthcare to mothers-in-need.

JHill Design Marathon Maps for Every Mother Counts

I first discovered EMC through Christine Lemieux’s, (Dwell Studio and Wayfair), Instagram account. I was absorbed in her documentation of a trip to Haiti. I worked in Haiti for Aid to Artisians shortly before the earthquake and Christine went to many of the places I did. She also wrote about the charity Every Mother Counts in her posts. I clicked over and saw that it was founded by model and four time marathoner Christy Turlington Burns. I’ve always admired Christy, from the George Michaels’ Freedom! video to her yoga book to her charity work. I was really interested in seeing what her charity was about.

What Is Possible from Every Mother Counts on Vimeo.

EMC and their board member’s documentation of their work to support maternal health in other countries is beyond inspiring. Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. They support programs in Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, India, Tanzania and the United States that address three critical barriers to maternal health care: lack of education, transportation and supplies. To learn more about Every Mother Counts work, visit www.everymothercounts.org.

Every Mother Counts

I have first hand experience in knowing how crazy and scary being pregnant and giving birth is. I had a very rough pregnancy with my (now 4 yr old) son, Charley. I was fortunate to have access to fantastic doctors and amazing health insurance. Charley was born underweight at just 5 lbs, but thrived through the help of all our practitioners.

Chicago Marathon Poster for Every Mother Counts

Every mother (and child) deserves the same support and care that I had during my pregnancy and delivery. I’m thrilled to be supporting Every Mother Counts. 5% of all sales from JHill's EMC Marathon Map collection will be donated back to EMC. 100% of the proceeds received from any products sold benefiting Every Mother Counts will help fund programs that improve access to critical maternal health care. Make Every Purchase Count. Follow EMC's Instagram account, watch their mission here, shop our EMC Marathon Maps here and shop other brands that support EMC.



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