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When I'm out there running in full-on winter gear, my respect really grows for all those year-long runners. Especially since my running has turned into more of a fast-walk this winter. Check out some of our favorite winter running gear we've been sporting.


Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

Gotta have that base. The Dynamix Sports Bra from North Face keeps your temperature regulated, as your core heats up. These socks from SmartWool are a godsend. Never itches, never falls to your ankles and always keeps your calves warm. I have so many pairs – I wish they had a sock of the month club.


Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

Oiselle has SO many options in their Wicked Winter collection. I'm planning on trying their new "kitten soft brushed fleece" lined Moto Lesley Tights. I'm a big fan of their Wazzie Wool base layer. This might be a design-lover detail, but I like that (besides being warm and temperature-regulating) the thumbholes are round - not just slits in the cuff. It's all about the details.


Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

In light of Boston's myriad of weather last year, I now really appreciate a good wind-proof fabric. I love this Northface Apex Bionic Jacket, not just for exercising in the cold, but for wearing in the windy fall and spring here in Boston. You want to wear lots of layers to keep warm, but not so many that you're a sweltering, sweaty mess. A vest is a great way to double up the warmth on your core, but leave your arms free. Best of both worlds!


Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Wearing a headband while you run has the added benefit of securing your headphones, as well as keeping your head and ears warm. Since I was diagnosed with cold urticaria, I've been thinking of getting a face mask – like a non-bank robbing one. Do those exist? I need suggestions! Last but not least, I always need a par of Etip Gloves, so I can stay warm AND stream Rihanna's Anti.


Hope this gives you ideas on what to wear when running in the winter. Am I missing any must-haves? Let me know on twitter!



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