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Although spring is approaching, running through the elements is a much-needed skill year round. JHill chatted with Eat Pray Run DC's Courtney Dredden Carter, to get her tips and tricks for running through some of Mother Nature's harshest conditions.

What are you best tips for staying motivated while running in a foot of snow?

"Friends and fun. Those snowy runs are by default easy runs (although snow running is not easy!) and so it's just a fun adventure where we try and capture the beauty and zaniness of it all through picture and have a good time. Definitely way more fun out there with friends!"

How does running through the elements, like snow, differ from running on a temperate day?

Snow adds a whole different layer. It's so much harder to even stay upright that you are really engaging your core in a way you might not on a regular run. It's also really important to monitor your form - running in snow can throw your gait off and too much of that can lead to injury, so I try and be very careful about that!

Are there any tips or tricks you can share for running through all the fun obstacles winter throws at runners?

Just keeping trying! If you commit to running regularly then you start to adapt (some) to the weather. Of course, you have to always be safe, but with the right gear, you can run in most "bad" weather. I have yet to miss a run due to weather - not because I'm super tough but because I plan ahead and purchase the right gear. It's makes all the difference!

Eat Pray Run DC | Blog | Jhill Design

What's your winter running uniform? Any specific pieces or accessories you can't run without in the winter?

On very cold days, I wear this awesome baclava that keeps my ears and most of my face covered. Gloves, of course. And fleece lined tights are a MUST in the winter! I'm also obsessed with the New Gilman vest from Oiselle. I wear it on almost every single run!

Where are your favorite places to run in DC?

I love running along the Anacostia River Trail and the Capital Crescent Trail. The Mall is also nice if you get out there early to avoid the crowds!

Eat Pray Run DC | Blog | Jhill Design

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