Couples that run together...

I love stories of loved ones running races together - from family members to BFFs to love birds. I recently made Maria a Couples Marathoner Map and asked her to share her and her husband's running journey with us for Valentine's Day. 

It all started in high school
"I ran cross country my senior year in high school, (1999), and continued running after I graduated. I started dating my husband a few years later and he thought I was crazy for running, so one day I decided to take him with me."
One thing led to another...
"He fell in love with it instantly and hasn't stopped since. We married and had our son in 2007... of course the first thing we bought was a running stroller and between the 2 of us we used the heck out of it! Now my son is 7 and runs with us at times and has done a few 5ks."
Training and Motivating
"We motivate each other when one of needs it, talk about races we want to do and just talk about how our run last run was. It's great because we understand each other when one of us had a bad run or good run, Or what we need to do to improve on. We don't get to run together often on our free time because of our work schedule. He works all day so he runs late at night after work, I'm asleep by then because I have to work early morning. But when we have a day off together of course our first thing is where do we go run that day and how far! "
Racing Together
"Races are always fun, when we do the same race we talk about what our goal is, what we are going to wear, and what the game plan is. And when we don't do the same race we always go and support each other. I think it's great that we don't always do the same race... it's a way of being able to see how a race is and we can have more options.
For instance I'm doing the Katy half this Saturday and he's doing Galveston half on Sunday. It's our first time doing both... so if he likes Katy he'll decide to do it next year and I'll see how Galveston is and I might do it next year."

Do you run with a loved one? Tell us about it! 

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