How to Shoot a #FlatRunner
Carlee McDot Flatrunner
Carlee McDot always has the BEST color in… well in everything :)

Select a “Hero” piece
What item do you want to feature most? Put that down first and work around it.

Create Harmony and Scale
You want visual cohesion in your post, so you don’t overwhelm your viewer. Select items that go together by either shape or color. Create clean-contrast by pairing items of opposite sizes together.

Kristen Garzone Flatrunner
Always so impressed when I see Mamas-to-be running in these “Running for Two” Shirts like Kristen Garzone’s

Use Minimal Backgrounds or Feature Minimal Pieces
You want to highlight your items, not lose them in the chaos of clashing prints and colors. Either go with a minimal background to feature your more colorful or patterned pieces, or style your simpler #flatrunner items on an eye-catching background. Wrapping paper and kraft paper make for great backgrounds, as do clean sheets, vacuumed rugs and floors.

Utilize Natural Lighting
A good rule of thumb for most Instagram posts, natural lighting is an indoor- photographers best friend.

Karla Brunning Flatrunner
Check out Karla Brunning’s flatrunner pics, she runs in the best costumes!

Shoot in a Square
This will set you up for success by creating symmetry, and helping determine how much negative space you will need between items.

Use a Step Stool
The best way to get your desired straight-above shot! Shooting from above guarantees no awkward angles and plenty of clean lines.

Nicol Handler FlatrunnerLoving Nicole Handler’s bright leggings!

Use the #Hashtag
Tag your Instagram post with “#flatrunner” because…

Test these tips out on your next #FlatRunner and tag @runinkdesign to be featured! We love following these ladies on Instagram, thanks for letting us share your photos! @CarleeMcDot, @Mellank, @FitfulFocus and @RunKarlaRun




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