What to do with ALL those Bibs: R-U-N Wall Hanging

What to do with ALL those Bibs:  R-U-N Wall Hanging
As any running aficionado knows, race bibs can really pile up. You don't want to throw them away - each one is a memory of a race and an accomplishment. But what do you do with all those bibs? Here is an affordable and fun way to display your bibs by Kerri / @kerri_hitsthepavement. WHAT YOU...

How to Create a Runner’s Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is the perfect way to show off your race memorabilia and add a touch of art to your home. Your memories and milestones should be celebrated and easy for all to see! Designing and mounting a gallery wall isn’t as intimidating as it looks – if this math-hater can do it, so can you! Check … Continue reading "How to Create a Runner’s Gallery Wall"

How to Frame a Print in 6 Easy Steps

Matting is a great way to upgrade your print from amateur to gallery-status. Matting gives prints more body and dimension to a smaller piece (like our 5″ x 7″ Marathoner Maps). Framing a print can be intimidating, let alone matting AND framing; but your prints deserve the best display. Below I’m breaking down how to mat your … Continue reading "How to Frame a Print in 6 Easy Steps"

How to Shoot a #FlatRunner

How to Shoot a #FlatRunner
Select a “Hero” piece What item do you want to feature most? Put that down first and work around it. Create Harmony and Scale You want visual cohesion in your post, so you don’t overwhelm your viewer. Select items that go together by either shape or color. Create clean-contrast by pairing items of opposite sizes … Continue reading "How to Shoot a #FlatRunner"