Running with Linzie 'Sharp' Starr
Linzie Starr / Sharp Endurance

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started running.

I started running by accident. I started to jog after work in 2011 in an effort to be healthier. I found that when I came home after work I would be very sedentary and that wasn't cool. Diabetes and heart disease run in my family and inactivity could lead to that. I wasn't interested in that. One day after a hard day at work, I actually went for a run. It was a bad day. I came back and felt amazing. I knew there was something to this running this. The shade is, I hated running before this day. Now I can't get enough. I ran my first half marathon in May 2012... haven't stopped since.

Linzie Starr / Sharp Endurance

Do you have any running tips for those doing their race training in the summer heat?

It's important to train in the summer for those fall races. You want to pick the time that works best for you based on the climate. I prefer evening runs because I LOVE summer evening weather and the sunset. It's my favorite thing about summer. Also be sure to hydrate and to stick to your diet. Water is your best friend in the heat.

Linzie Starr / Sharp Endurance

You've run A LOT of races. Which was your favorite? Which was the most trying?

That's REALLY hard. I like lots of races for various reasons. I think the most beautiful race I ran was Big Sur Marathon. I ran it the week after Boston in 2014 and it was TOUGH. It was tough, but beautiful. The scenery is unmatched. It really is something special and beautiful. One day I'll muster up the strength to go back and do it again.

Linzie Starr / Sharp Endurance

What is your must-have running gear?

One of my Orange Mud hydration systems... be it my HydraQuiver or Handheld. My iPod. It's a must. I love music. An extra battery pack, because tweets and selfies.

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